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2018 House Concerts

Sun. Mar 25th
Ben Macy w/ Kevin Lane & Martin Pittis
Door @ 5:30   Music @ 6:00 pm
Sun. Apr 22nd
Joe Brooks Quartet
Door @ 5:30   Music @ 6:00 pm
Sun. May 20th
Mel Peterson Collective
Door @ 5:30   Music @ 6:00 pm
Sun. Jun 10th
Trio Subtonic
Door @ 5:30   Music @ 6:00 pm
Sun. Jul 8th
Denin Koch Trio
Door @ 5:30   Music @ 6:00 pm
Sun. Aug 26th
Paula Byrne
Door @ 5:30   Music @ 6:00 pm
Sun. Sep 9th
Ben Macy Trio
Door @ 5:30   Music @ 6:00 pm
What is a house concert?
A house concert is simply when a bunch of people get together to listen to someone play music at someone's house. They tend to be a bit more informal than normal concerts, with more chances to interact with the musicians, both during the show and between sets. Guests are encouraged to bring their own food and drink, but there's always plenty to share. We open our doors at 5:30, and the music usually begins a little after 6.

If the weather is nice, music will be performed on our grapevine-covered back porch. In less pleasant weather, our living room fits about 30 people along with my grand piano. A hat is usually passed so you can show your appreciation for the musician's efforts, but there is no obligation other than to come hear music, get to know your neighbors better, and have a great time. We hope you'll join us soon.

The Macy's - Ben, Landra, and Linus