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House Concert Update
In case you haven't noticed (and good for you if you haven't) the whole world is topsy-turvey right now and it doesn't look like there will be any chance of live music in 2020, at our house or otherwise. My apologies to both the fans and the musicians that were looking forward to coming to Prosser and having a good time.

Fans: I've been streaming once or twice a month since this whole thing began. You can listen to past shows and check out when the next ones are coming on my youtube channel.

Musicians: If you're interested in streaming either with me or with your own group, drop me an email as I'm trying to do all I can to support the audio arts right now. 
2020 Summer House Concert Dates
Sunday, May 31stEric Herman - Special Kids Concert!5:30 pm
Sunday, June 28thBen Fowler Quartet - Portland Saxophone5:30 pm
Sunday, July 26thMark Lewis Trio - Seattle Flute/Saxophone5:30 pm
Sunday, Aug 23rdBourbon and Bellows - New Orleans inspired gypsy jazz5:30 pm
Sunday, Sept 13thMatt Jorgensen Trio - Seattle Drummer5:30 pm
What is a house concert?
A house concert is simply when a bunch of people get together to listen to someone play music at someone's house. They tend to be a bit more informal than normal concerts, with more chances to interact with the musicians, both during the show and between sets. Guests are encouraged to bring their own food and drink, but there's always plenty to share. We open our doors at 5:30, and the music usually begins a little after 6.

If the weather is nice, music will be performed on our back patio, with seating on the tree covered lawn. In less pleasant weather, our living room fits about 30 people along with my grand piano. A hat is passed so you can show your appreciation for the musician's efforts, but there is no obligation other than to come hear music, get to know your neighbors better, and have a great time. We hope you'll join us soon.

The Macy's - Ben, Landra, and Linus
2019-2020 Winter Jazz Series @ the Princess Theatre
Saturday, Oct 19thCharlie Porter
     - Nationally renowned trumpet player bringing his Portland quartet
7:00 pm
Saturday, Nov 9thCarriage House Orchestra
     - Yakima Valley's finest musicians playing soul, funk, and jazz both new and old
7:00 pm
Saturday, Feb 8thBourbon and Bellows
     - New Orleans inspired gypsy jazz
7:00 pm
Saturday, Mar 14thThe Bylines
     - Portland based husband and wife duo - Charming, hilarious, and classy
7:00 pm