Carriage House Orchestra
Comprised of some of the best musicians in the Yakima Valley, this exciting new band is already turning heads due to their deep grooves, exciting tunes, and unique instrumentation. Blending their individual backgrounds in soul, funk, blues, and jazz, the Carriage House Orchestra delivers tight arrangements and an energetic yet relaxed live show. Just like spinning your favorite vinyl on the stereo: sit back and let the tasty grooves wash over you. 

The Carriage House Orchestra is:
(clockwise from top left)

Gavin Spurr: drums
Ben Macy: organ
Lane King: guitar
Skyler Mendell: trumpet
Deep Grooves
For the last few years, Ben has thrown himself into a new discipline: that of the Hammond organ. With a long history in the jazz, funk, and soul pantheon, the Hammond bring an instantly recognizable sound to the music. Join that groove with a brash trumpet, a swinging guitar, and drums providing the funky back-beat, and you get the musical alchemy that defines the Carriage House Orchestra.

So sit back and relax, as if you just put your favorite soul record on the turntable. Or get up and dance if the beat gets too much to handle. There's room for everyone at this party. 


Ben Macy
803 Main St.
Prosser, WA 99350
(509) 832-0153