Latest Music from Ben

The Stroganoff Song

My boy asked me to write, and I quote “You know…the stroganoff song!” I don’t know son, but I thought it was a funny idea, so here is the first recording of it. Recorded live at Maryhill over Valentine’s weekend. Apologies for the poor sound quality; the bass input gave out, but the song was so much fun I just had to include it here.

Ben Macy - piano
Kevin Lane - sax
Martin Pittis - bass

House Concerts

March 7, 2017

I wanted to post something up here to let any of you that are not part of my email list know two things. First, you should be a part of my email list. All you have to do is enter it in that little line on the left bar and once a month you’ll get an update on where I’m playing and access to special events.

Second, I’ve revamped the house concert series we hosted last year, and it kicks off this Friday, March 10th with the Bylines. I’m using Eventbrite to help organize the events; just head over there and search for Prosser, WA. All shows are donation, which you can do on the website if you want to use a card (and reserve a seat), or you can just come to the show and chip in some cash there if you so desire. And yes, 100% of the donations go to the artists. I hope I see some of you here this Friday.